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Give Your Beard Some Love

We all know Historic & Oak produces some superior and high quality products. Their foaming beard wash is no different. Fantastic scent profile with amazing performance. Gentle enough to use everyday. Doesn’t strip your oils or dry your beard out.

Cerf Rouge Cream Recovery

We have been using this at our barbershop for the last few weeks and been loving it. Our clients have said they love the smell and enjoy the feeling! We would totally recommend this to anyone.


Italian Soda Aftershave
Jacqueline Algee
Good not great

It is a very good after shave but not amazing. It is heavy on clove which kind of made me feel like a ham in an oven. If you absolutely love clove this is for you.

Cerf Rouge Aftershave

It’s interesting to see how the same fragrance comes through depending in what it is being housed.

I am exploring the Historic & Oak brand at the moment and fell in love with their “CERF ROUGE” aftershave balm. Little did I know that the amazing fragrance of “Bourbon, Black Cherry, Vanilla, Smoke, Chocolate and Leather” would actually out in a slightly different and clearer manner in their beard oil of the same scent.

The aftershave balm actually rendered the: Bourbon, vanilla and smoke very well. But here in the beard oil it’s the Black Cherry that takes the lead.

This is not a Tom Ford Lost Cherry wannabe or substitute as it takes things in a new direction, but being a fan of Tobacco and Black Cherry in all of its rendering this bottle is my new favorite.

Before I get too carried away with this beautiful fragrance, what about the other mandate of beard oil: moisturizing and beard itch control?

Well, as there are only the best natural oils being used here, my beard felt comfortable and soft all day.

Grape Seed Oil
Argan Oil
Coconut Oil
Jojoba Seed Oil

Natural Ingredient
Best of the best natural oils
Amazing Fragrance
Good absorption


Embargo Blend Cream Recovery

There are so many things to love about wet shaving; the variety of razors, shaving soaps and creams, the blades, the brushes and the aftershaves.

Once it’s all said and done, it’s the aftershave that pretty much gets all the credit. It’s also the one item in the shaving ritual that you might be changing based on your moods. Yes, you will use a different razor and/or blade depending on the job, but that aftershave fragrance will be wrapping up the shave and setting the vibe for the rest of your day.

Aftershave is a subtle maybe even tricky product to get right. Anyone with a bottle of alcohol and a few drops of essential oils can make an aftershave. But getting it right, making something special and elevating the day of those who use it…that’s something rare!

The good gents of Historic & Oak have certainly nailed it. I am now exploring a second aftershave balm the “EMBARGO Blend No. 2.5”.

For the post-shave skin repair side of things, with shea butter, aloe vera, witch hazel and mango seed butter, it is a next level experience of smoothness.

The balm is thick, creamy and quickly absorbed by the skin leaving no residue or oily film. Its instant comfort and I couldn’t dream of a better way to treat my skin after a shave.

As for the “fragrance” mandate of the aftershave; Historic & Oak lists notes of cognac and sweet tobacco aged in oak. Yeah, I hear you back there! And yes, this stuff is just as good as it sounds if not better.

Over the course of STYLE4MEN, tobacco based fragrance is the scent palette I have explored the most. This one conveys authenticity, tradition and elegance. It goes without saying that it is a more classic arrangement that might not appeal to everyone and it’s not what the kids are wearing this season. This is timeless badassery.

If you like whiskey, cognac takes things further. It has more depth and wood. The sweet tobacco reminds me of cigar leaves or flavored pipe tobacco. It is nothing like bitter cigarette tobacco.

The fragrance remained noticeable on me for about 2 hours and projection was discreet but confident.

For my taste, this aftershave gets all 5 stars!

Incredible post shave skin repair
Delicious cognac and sweet tobacco fragrance

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Cerf Rouge Cream Recovery

First there is the natural composition with the ingredient list starting with shea butter, aloe vera and witch hazel. You want smooth and soothing, this bottle is what you are looking for!

My Nelson & Floyd razor has a perfect head angle for my mug so there is never any issues. But regardless, shaving is still a demanding process on the skin and the Cerf Rouge Recovery is certainly well named. It makes me feel like Salma Hayek’s dress just glided on my face. What pain or discomfort could I be feeling?!

Then there is the fragrance! The front label states “Black Cherry Bourbon”. OK, I’m interested! The cherry element is actually more of a middle note where vanilla and bourbon come first with a smoky finale. If you are into classic tobacco fragrances and visual, this aftershave will satisfy! And don’t get me wrong, the black cherry is there with a touch of deep sweetness.

I have two main criteria when it comes to aftershaves:
1- Post-shave skin relief
2- Aroma

Cerf Rouge gets 5 Stars on both from me!

Outstanding Scent

Not only is this one of the best smelling aftershave balms on the market it performs just as well. Not greasy at all…I’m a done shaver so I use it on my head. Goes on smooth, moistures the skin extremely well, and lasts all day. Honestly, you cannot go wrong with anything H&O has on the market. Family owned small business that produces small batch products only utilizing the best quality ingredients. 11/10 recommend.

Great scent and amazing texture

This is the best aftershave that I have used in the last 10 years. The scent is smokey and woodsy. Highly recommend this to anyone looking for a new aftershave..

Cerf Rouge Beard Oil
marc theriault

Très satisfait , apaisant et odeur très agréable

Crown Shaving Co. | Shave Cream


This has become the favorite scent of my customers in my shop.

Cerf Rouge Aftershave
Mark Nunnally

Haven’t received my order yet

Excellent aftershave with wonderful scent.

The scent and performance of this aftershave are top notch. I own many afterhsves and balms. The scent is wonderful backed up by a great post-shave application. I will be buying more after this and my other run out. I’ve been wet shaving now for about 12 yrs+.

Fantastic Bay Rum

If you're a fan of Bay Rum like I am then Georgian Bay Rum is definitely one to add to the collection.

After winning a bottle of their Italian Soda aftershave I was intrigued to try another from their line up and seeing they had a Bay Rum peaked my interest. I saw it had a Juniper note so I reached out to them with a few questions they were more than happy to help me with. I tend to relate Juniper to scents you would wear more in the cooler months and winter. Asking them about that, they let me know they designed the scent to be worn year round, taking inspiration from Georgian Bay in Canada.

When first applied you are treated to a wonderfully aromatic blend of juniper and bay rum with none of the scents trying to overpower the others. The splash has an almost serum like feel to it when applied but is quickly absorbed into the skin leaving it feeling hydrated and smooth. There is a nice cooling sensation to the splash and almost zero burn normally associated with Bay Rum. The scent stays close but those standing near can pick up on it and I've received compliments each time I've used it including one from my wife. Always a plus! Longevity wise I can still pick it up 6 to 7 hours later which I find very impressive since most Bay Rums are short lived in the scent department on my skin.

In the end this will definitely be one I keep in stock as I'm sure I will be going through it quickly throughout the year. If you're a Bay Rum fan like I am, I recommend picking up a bottle for yourself!


This stuff is unreal . Nothing like it anywhere else. EVERY single time I wear this I get either stopped and asked "is that you that smells so good?" Or someone will just blurt out " who smells so good !?" Literally happens everytime . The best thing is that it last a good amount of time AND you don't need to use much at all!

Best hair detangler ever

I have tried many hair conditioners and de-tanglers over the years and a few drops of this beard oil works wonders. It untangles my hair quickly, effortlessly and painlessly. The smell is manly but you don't need much product to get the job done.
Sorry guys for letting the cat out of the bag, but you may want to buy an extra bottle for your wife. (For her hair, not her beard, I hope. 😀)

This is the stuff!!!

Buy it, you can't go wrong!!! It may not smell EXACTLY like you think it's going to, but the smell is sweet and goes with a variety of other product scents. I think everyone should have a bottle of this in their lineup.

Cerf Rouge Aftershave
Jonathan Hall
Delicate & manly balance ,nothing like it anywhere

Nostalgic fresh cherry pipe tobacco , followed by
a dark chocolate and Bam! instant cognac/ bourbon. Suits a gentlemen in a leadership role.
Ladies adore it. Go- to with Friday evening services at our barbershop.

Cerf Rouge Beard Oil
Jonathan Hall
Put the kids to bed early.

Softness guaranteed, evening aromatherapy.
I use it on clients in the barber shop particularly after 5:00pm along with the Cerf Rouge aftershave. The dry down is well worth money. Nothing like it on the market.
Their ladies admit it’s an intoxicating masculine scent. Helps keep monogamist relationships interesting.

HB Cerf Rouge Beard Oil

Italian Soda Aftershave
Christian Clark

Unreal 👍

Cerf Rouge Aftershave
Roberto Barbershop
Amazing aftershave

Clients can’t get enough of the smell. Awesome product!

Embargo Blend Aftershave
Roberto Barbershop
Amazing aftershave

A hit with clients. Best aftershave out there!!!

Italian Soda Aftershave
Roberto Barbershop
Italian soda

Personally I love it. Clients not digging it. The other aftershaves are better sellers. I have hopes for holidays though.